Oganezov, Viacheslav

Viacheslav Oganezov

CEO and Co-founder, Finverity,

Viacheslav, a graduate of the London School of Economics, gained insight into the challenges faced by banks and other nonbank financial institutions during his time at PwC. There, he advised banks on developing and implementing digital strategies. Recognizing the inability of large financial institutions to effectively implement these strategies, the scarcity of capital available to businesses in emerging markets, and the abundance of capital seeking sustainable yields in developed markets, he and his co-founder Alex Fenechiu established Finverity, a supply chain finance platform designed to address these issues.

Viacheslav is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, managing execution by setting clear objectives, ensuring team alignment, and instilling effective processes. He believes that Finverity’s long-term success is secured due to the quality of the product and the strength of its people and culture. Viacheslav attributes his consistently positive attitude, clarity of vision, and the power of his intention to the daily practices he follows, such as yoga and meditation, as well as his overall simple lifestyle.